People ask me almost daily if we are staying busy at Advanced Propane now that the weather has turned warmer. Of course the stress level of servicing our customers when the temperatures are below freezing can climb high, but when the weather warms it seems there is still plenty to keep us busy. Spring’s arrival means it is time to check the equipment that has worked so hard during the winter season, time to learn what is new in the industry and a time to begin the implementation of new marketing plans.

It is also the time when we can get away for awhile. There is nothing like a good vacation to refresh ourselves so that as the next heating season comes around, we can be vigilant for our customers. Vacations mean different things to different people; for some it means a time to travel as a family while others use vacation to stay home and rest. This season my family is doing both! I am looking forward to a week near the beach with my family and friends, but I am equally as excited about the week I am staying home. Oh, I am sure I will play some golf with my good friend and my dad, but I will also probably do a little work in the garden, the yard and around the house. But one thing I can guarantee that I will do is slow down.

One of the trends I see on my friend’s Facebook status is a rush for the weekend. “Only 3 more days until the weekend, I can’t wait!” Bet you have seen that post or maybe even posted it yourself. I have decided that I am finished rushing to the weekend or some other date that I anticipate. I believe that each day is a day to be enjoyed. For me it may be a Monday on the porch talking to my daughter about whatever is on her mind. Or even a Thursday night when we finally watch an episode of some television show we have saved on the DVR. And of course you can take in a local baseball game with family or friends.

My grandfather used to tell me when I was a teenager the older he got that the years did not seem to last as long. Although I am still younger than he was when he told me this, I finally realize he was right.

My challenge to you is to slow down and enjoy! Enjoy each day, your family, your job and your friends. Enjoy life.

Propane’s unmatched benefits as a home energy source have never looked better for providing the value, efficiency, comfort, convenience with less dependence on electricity that homeowners want.

VALUE. While a home heating system takes more energy to operate than almost any other appliance, the cost of keeping your home warm and comfortable can be lowered with the right energy source. Homes with a dual-fuel propane/electric unit perform significantly better in energy cost savings than all-electric homes, resulting in higher efficiency, comfort and savings, which mean a higher resale value.

EFFICIENCY. A dual-fuel system using propane operates more efficiently than any other high efficiency heat pump. Dual-fuel units allow a home to run on electric heat during mild winter temperatures before switching to warmer propane heat when outside temperatures become too cold to maintain heat inside the home. Propane’s efficiency means annual energy savings for homeowners.

COMFORT. Propane gas is not only efficient and economical, but many homeowners prefer propane gas heat over electric because it is more comfortable… pumping out air that can be 25-40 degrees warmer than electric heat pumps. Propane heats air quicker and more thoroughly, keeping your home warmer and more comfortable during the coldest winter months.

CONVENIENCE. Propane’s versatility allows homeowners to power a wide variety of appliances at an already lower energy cost. The convenience of hot water on demand offered by the tankless propane water heater, or the even, thorough cooking of a gas stove, outdoor lighting and swimming pool heaters powered with propane, all with less reliance on electrical power, are just a few benefits that lend to an enhanced lifestyle.

SAFETY. Propane is safely used by 60 million Americans – and stored, handled, and transported by thousands of professionals – every day. Propane has an enviable safety record due in large part to stringent codes and regulations and the propane industry’s extensive training and safety awareness programs. According to results from an extensive study done by the National Fire Protection Association… by a four-to-one margin, the safest way to provide heat is with gas.

GREEN SAVINGS.  Approved as an alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act of 1990, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.
It’s even cleaner than electricity, which, 50% of the time, is generated by coal-burning power plants proving costly to the environment; while electric rates have increased 50% the last 5 years prove costly to consumers. Propane is also non-toxic, so it is not harmful to soil or water.

Beginning April 1, Tennessee Valley Authority will change its 19-year old rate structure to more accurately reflect TVA’s higher cost to generate power by passing that growing cost along to its 155 power distributors in seven states. Gone will be the flat rate per kilowatt-hour TVA has billed power distributors for years.

TVA says the cost to produce power fluctuates from hour to hour, day to day and month to month. During peak demand times consumers have at times taxed the electric system exceeding TVA’s capacity to meet the need. TVA has had to find others ways to provide the much needed energy, often turning to more expensive fuels like natural gas, or resorting to the costly option of purchasing power on the open market.  All the while, customers have paid the same rate per kilowatt-hour regardless of the time of day or year.

That is about to change. The rate structure change mandated by TVA will more accurately reflect the cost of power during peak times, and is designed to help reduce peak power usage in the region with the hope it will reduce the need for new power plants.  TVA will now charge their distributors different rates depending on months of the year consumers use the most electricity. Rates will be higher during winter and summer months: December through March and June through September.

It is also conceivable in the future TVA will begin billing distributors higher rates based on the time of day electricity is consumed at peak demand. Tennessee’s electric cooperatives are working hard to mitigate the impact of demand billing on a monthly basis, by offering energy efficiency tips and encouraging consumers to be ever-mindful to shift their energy-consuming chores to off-peak hours.

Aside from the growing energy demand, other pressures at work are added regulations mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adding another expensive hurdle. The EPA will soon begin regulating greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. To comply with these regulations, new power plants may have to be built to meet the growing demand, while a number of currently operating plants are retired because they do not meet new standards. For electric co-operatives, tighter emissions controls and the rising cost of building materials could have a multi-billion-dollar impact on the cost of doing business.

We started a giving campaign in November of last year to see how much money we could raise for Faces of Hope Children’s Therapy Center serving the Middle Tennessee area. Faces of Hope works with children affected with autism and other special needs providing much needed therapy and support as well as training for their families. As with many non-profits these days, this program has been in critical need of funds.  We committed to donate $1 for each new “like” to our Facebook page through the end of year, and are pleased with the success.  Therefore, we decided to extend the promotion through April 15, 2011.  You can help us raise funds for Faces of Hope Children’s Therapy – get the word out – $1 for every new “like” our Facebook page receives and $30 for every new Advanced Propane customer who mentions our Faces of Hope Giving Campaign.  How quickly can we raise $1,000?  The challenge is on!

Accepting the check on behalf of Faces of Hope Children’s Therapy Center is volunteer Kathy Gross, therapist Jessica Williamson, and FOH Board Chairman Jimmy Overton with Advanced Propane Sales Manager, Kevin Etheridge.

Happy New Year!  Advanced Propane Inc. is energized and ready for a brand new year. Are you?

Advanced Propane Inc.’s resolutions for the New Year are made and begin with how we plan to communicate with you, our customers, associates, friends and family. Our website just received a new makeover and we recently joined the Facebook social network with a customized business page.  We are now more accessible than ever before and ready to engage!

For those of you not familiar with us… we are a full service propane company, locally owned, serving our community since 1992. We are proud of our deep Wilson County roots and strong ties to the Middle Tennessee community. Read More