Warm Air Comfort
A high efficiency gas furnace or dual fuel unit typically provides 30-degree warmer air than an electric heat pump, which means more comfort for your family. Gas furnaces have twice the life expectancy of an electric heat pump providing more years of value to your home. By adding a programmable thermostat, a family can increase the efficiency of their gas furnace.

Endless Hot Water
A Noritz tankless water heater will provide your family with unlimited hot water for longer showers. This is value added to your home while saving 30-50 percent on the energy needed to heat your home’s water

Ambiance and Peace of Mind
Vent-free gas logs are a great source of supplemental heat and can also serve as your emergency heat during a power outage. Vented gas logs enhance the ambience of any family room.

Precise, Even Cooking Temperatures
97 percent of all professional chefs use gas for food preparation. Now homeowners can apply the same precise temperature and even heat of a professional chef right in their own kitchen.

Fast Drying Times
Propane clothes dryers reach temperature faster and can decrease the time needed to dry a load of clothes, giving you more time to do the things that you want.

Standby generators can give your family the peace of mind and the security that they will never be without power again. There is a Briggs and Stratton generator to fit your family’s needs from the 7kw for essential power needs all the way to the 15kw whole home unit.

Underground Tanks
Propane can fuel a home discreetly, almost invisibly, from underground tanks. Once a propane tank is buried, only a small dome is visible mere inches above the ground.

“Your serviceman came to my home to perform a leak test on our system. While here he went above and beyond the call of duty to show my wife all about our propane equipment in our home.”

– Harold, Mt. Juliet