Q: Do you sell and install appliances?
A: We sell and install a variety of gas logs, vent free heaters, and tank less water heaters. We don’t sell (but can provide hook-up service) for cook stoves, dryers and generators.

Q: I only have a set of logs, will you service my home?
A: Yes, with a 120 above-ground rental or 150 underground rental.

Q: What size tank do I need?
A: This is based on estimated usage and appliances.

Q: Where can I put the tank?
A: Your new tank cannot be closer than 10 feet from your home and within 120 feet of driveway or gravel or better access. 120 gallon tanks can be closer than 10 feet from the home but still must be within 120 feet of the driveway.

Q: What is your tank rent?
A: Pricing dependant on size of tank and usage.

Q: Do you charge delivery fees or hazardous material fees?

Q: Can I rent an underground propane tank?
A: Yes, we can install or switch a tank.

Q: Do you have a monthly payment plan?
A: Advanced Propane uses Budget Billing. Budget Billing is based on your estimate usage starting in May through April. We estimate average cost at no fee, so you can pay same amount every month. Catch up on extra costs in April.

Q: How much of the underground tank will I see?
A: The lid is as big round as a basketball hoop and sticks up 2-4 inches above the ground.

Q: How often can you deliver refills?
A: Delivery time is based on history, usage and dependant on temperature.

Q: What are “Keep Fill” Customers?
A: Our Keep Fill customers are our 24/7 customers to whom we deliver at regular intervals based on their history and usage.

Q: What is minimum propane delivery?
A: 200 gallons.