Advanced Propane “Pulling Together” at the Wilson County Fair

If you recently moved to Middle Tennessee, you just won’t understand what all the hub-bub is about, but it is Wilson County Fair time again.

This year’s fair theme is “Pulling Together” and the entire community of volunteers are “Pulling Together” to make the 2012 Wilson County Fair the Best Fair Anywhere!

Beginning Friday, August 17, through Saturday, August 25, the Wilson County Fair will open its gates for over half a million people to pass through. Once inside those gates, the fun begins!

What do you do first? Check out who won the blue ribbons or maybe check out the farm exhibits? Of course, you must eat some fair food like Polish sausage, buttered corn on the cob, a walking taco, or even fried butter!

The midway will beckon to those who seek the thrills of the rides, while those who prefer a slower pace will stroll through the commercial displays or Fiddlers Grove. Oh, there is so much to do it may take all nine days to see it all!

As has been our custom for the last 15 years, Advanced Propane will be exhibiting at the fair. Our booth is located in the Turner Evans Building.  Come by and see the new propane powered lawn mower we have on display. And don’t forget to sign up to be eligible to win a patio heater we are giving away!

If you are a customer, please stop by so we can say, “Thank You for the opportunity to serve you”!  If you are not a customer, we invite you to visit with us and see how you too can benefit from the comfort and convenience Advanced Propane provides.

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