API’s Television Commercial

Advanced Propane’s first television commercial is airing this Fall on News Channel 5.  Deputy Barney Fife (aka Sammy Sawyer) is on the case of Aunt Bee’s hot water problem – she is out!  He suggests she turn to Advanced Propane for help!

Why? Advanced Propane’s emphasis is on providing exceptional customer service while delivering a quality product for excellent home energy value!

Propane’s efficiency and versatility will allow Aunt Bee to power a wide variety of appliances at a lower energy cost, while providing the comfort and convenience she deserves. Aunt Bee’s new tank-less propane water heater, for instance, will provide hot water on demand, every time!  Add to that the convenience of having to rely less on electricity, and Aunt Bee’s hot water problems are solved!

To view the commercial… Click:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pfmg5aGzxw

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