At Home in LaGuardo with the Stewarts

The Stewarts of LaGuardo, founding owners of Advanced Propane Inc., were featured recently in the “Meet Your Neighbor section of Wilson Living Magazine.

Coming from a long line of Wilson County farmers and business owners, the Stewart entrepreneurial spirit continues to pass down through the generations. Regarding their current business success, “Mr. Dan” Stewart and sons, Danny and Ted, started the family propane gas business in the summer of 1992.

The magazine article also highlights Danny and Diane Stewart’s home completed in 2007 on land that once belonged to his great-grandfather before the lake came up. Their home is built around a variety of propane gas-operated devices and appliances, including a gas furnace, on-demand tankless water heater, gas cook range and a backup generator that runs on propane. “We have the refrigerator, central heat and air, freezer and main lighting to the house, and, of course, my television connected to the generator. We can live 100 percent without an electric company, if necessary. We can go indefinitely as long as we’ve got gas,” says Danny, who serves as COO of the company.

The Stewart family cites a tradition of hard work that keep family ties strong and helps the family business grow.

To read the article in its entirety, click the following link!

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