Enjoy Today!

People ask me almost daily if we are staying busy at Advanced Propane now that the weather has turned warmer. Of course the stress level of servicing our customers when the temperatures are below freezing can climb high, but when the weather warms it seems there is still plenty to keep us busy. Spring’s arrival means it is time to check the equipment that has worked so hard during the winter season, time to learn what is new in the industry and a time to begin the implementation of new marketing plans.

It is also the time when we can get away for awhile. There is nothing like a good vacation to refresh ourselves so that as the next heating season comes around, we can be vigilant for our customers. Vacations mean different things to different people; for some it means a time to travel as a family while others use vacation to stay home and rest. This season my family is doing both! I am looking forward to a week near the beach with my family and friends, but I am equally as excited about the week I am staying home. Oh, I am sure I will play some golf with my good friend and my dad, but I will also probably do a little work in the garden, the yard and around the house. But one thing I can guarantee that I will do is slow down.

One of the trends I see on my friend’s Facebook status is a rush for the weekend. “Only 3 more days until the weekend, I can’t wait!” Bet you have seen that post or maybe even posted it yourself. I have decided that I am finished rushing to the weekend or some other date that I anticipate. I believe that each day is a day to be enjoyed. For me it may be a Monday on the porch talking to my daughter about whatever is on her mind. Or even a Thursday night when we finally watch an episode of some television show we have saved on the DVR. And of course you can take in a local baseball game with family or friends.

My grandfather used to tell me when I was a teenager the older he got that the years did not seem to last as long. Although I am still younger than he was when he told me this, I finally realize he was right.

My challenge to you is to slow down and enjoy! Enjoy each day, your family, your job and your friends. Enjoy life.

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