Staying Warm this Winter… You have a Choice. We Make It Easy.

horse in winterWelcome Winter 2014!

We have arrived at that pivotal time of year when new resolutions for a New Year are established and set in motion! Traditionally, it’s a time when we resolve to take control of our circumstances, and make changes that will benefit us and improve our lives.

As a business, we also have goals for the New Year. In 2013, Advanced Propane expanded our service area in Middle Tennessee to include five additional counties (Smith, Cannon, Jackson, DeKalb and western Putnam) for a total of 13 counties we now serve. Our resolution for 2014 is to provide the same exceptional service along with the fair and consistent pricing our current customers enjoy, while growing our customer base in these new areas. There you have it!

What are your plans and resolutions for the New Year?

Are you building a home? Or are you planning improvements to your current home to enhance your family’s lifestyle? Are you looking for ways of becoming more efficient to help reduce costs and increase peace of mind?

As you know, when building a new home there are many options to consider and choices to be made in your planning. While most decisions are made years in advance, there are options available for lifestyle enhancements that often don’t get the full consideration they deserve. Incorporating propane gas is one such option.

Propane gas is an excellent alternate home energy source when building or making home improvements because it provides efficiency for cost savings, as well as increased comfort and convenience. This is especially true when building in a rural setting outside the reach of city gas lines. Sure, electricity is easy enough to tap into, yet there are great advantages to adding propane gas for home heating, cooking and more.

For instance, a propane dual fuel unit will run on electric heat during warmer winter temperatures, before switching to warmer propane heat when outside temperatures drop. Propane heaters and gas logs offer the same great efficiency and comfort, yet with the advantage of not being reliant on electricity. A backup propane generator can power appliances including a propane dual fuel unit, lighting, propane water heater, and other “electric” appliances such as a television, to help maintain your family’s level of comfort and convenience even during electrical outages. How is that for peace of mind!

If you already know and enjoy the benefits of propane in your home… bravo! Yet, you still have a choice about whether to keep your current provider, or to make the switch to a new preferred propane provider who will better serve your needs.

How satisfied are you with your current propane provider? How confident are you that you are getting fair and consistent pricing without hidden fees? Are you happy with the professional and knowledgeable customer service you receive? Does your propane provider offer 24-hour emergency service? Are you able to speak to a live person whenever you call?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you have a choice! Switching to a propane provider you trust to meet your expectations is a positive change you can resolve to make in 2014.  Advanced Propane is committed to making that transition easy for you.

Yes, the arrival of winter is a time for celebrating the unique beauty of the season… from the comfort and convenience of home!

It’s also a good time to let Advanced Propane help you make some positive lifestyle changes for a great new year!

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