API Attends Home Shows in Winter 2013

API booth at the Middle Tennessee Home Show in Hendersonville

This past winter Advanced Propane set up display booths at three different home shows – the Wilson Bank & Trust Construction Expo in Lebanon, Nashville Home Show in Franklin, and Middle Tennessee Home Show in Hendersonville.

It was a lot of work with 120 man hours spent on planning, setting up and talking with folks from all over Middle Tennessee. But it was very rewarding!

We discovered an optimistic attitude prevailed among the folks we spoke with who are looking at building or remodeling homes.

Tired of being cold, they were eager to hear about the comfort and convenience that heating with propane can provide for their families.

We also talked about the advantages of a variety of propane appliances in the home. The propane tankless water heater garnered the most interest among the folks we talked to. The idea of hot showers on demand gets them every time!

We truly enjoy the people we meet at these home shows, and look forward to doing it again next year!


  1. toasty says:

    A full propane tank is the best way to have a warm home and ample hot water in winter in American heartland unless you want to go broke running all those electric space heaters.

  2. Deep says:

    The answer to this quetsion lies partly in where you live on this big spaceship we call earth!A propane container that is turned off has static liquid and vapour above it. When you turn on the tank and fire the appliance, you are drawing off vapor and burning it. This reduces the pressure in the tank and the liquid begins to boil to replace the vapour. Propane boils at -44b0F so it is giving off a lot of heat when it boils. The tank has to absorb heat out of the air around it to keep the liquid boiling. If you draw off more vapour than the tank can produce, it will freeze up and starve the appliance of fuel. The colder the outside air temperature is, the larger the tank must be to provide the same amount of vapour. Think about a pot of boiling water on the stove. Little pot= a bit of steam, big pot = lots of steam! Same thing.A 20lb cylinder will produce approximately 35,000btu at 0 b0F50,000btu at 20 b0F65,000btu at 40 b0F80,000btu at 60 b0F90,000btu at 70 b0FDon’t forget though, that you only have a little over 20,000btu’s in a pound of propane. so a 20 pound cylinder only has about 400,000 btu’s. That means a 120,000 tankless heater going to use up 20 lbs of fuel in less than 4 hours.EDIT: If the tank freezes up the appliance will starve for fuel. Eventually the 100% safety, which is mandatory on any gas burning appliance now, will kick in and stop the flow of propane 100%! It will not explode or catch fire!

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