About Advanced Propane

Advanced Propane delivers value, comfort, and convenience!

Advanced Propane Inc. proudly serves Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky with propane delivery, propane tank leasing, propane tank installation, backhoe services, and more.

For 24 years, Advanced Propane has served the Middle Tennessee area as a full-service propane provider. Advanced Propane has a strong dedication to personalized customer service and strives to provide convenience, value and affordability.

Advanced Propane currently serves 20 Tennessee counties including Wilson, Sumner, Davidson, Robertson, Rutherford, Williamson, Cheatham, Smith, DeKalb, Cannon, Jackson, Putnam, Fentress, Clay, Pickett, Cumberland, White, Overton, Macon and Trousdale Counties in Middle Tennessee & 4 Southern Kentucky counties including Monroe, Simpson, Allen and Cumberland. Based in Lebanon, Tennessee, Advanced Propane has satellite offices located in Cookeville and Hartsville.

Contact Advanced Propane today to see how propane can add value to your home.

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“It has been so long since I have seen decently dressed, respectful, friendly and competent people at our homelll allow me to say your organization is top notch.”

– Paul & Pam, Hendersonville

“Cannot say enough good things about Advanced Propane. Thanks for being so thorough. Most companies would not have been this much on top of things. Advanced Propane is the most dependable and professional group to do business with.”

– Alan & Susan, Castalian Springs

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