Unmatched Benefits of Propane

Propane’s unmatched benefits as a home energy source have never looked better for providing the value, efficiency, comfort, convenience with less dependence on electricity that homeowners want. VALUE. While a home heating system takes more energy to operate than almost any other appliance, the cost of keeping your home warm and comfortable can be lowered with the right energy source. Homes with a dual-fuel propane/electric unit perform significantly... Read More

Electric prices under pressure

Beginning April 1, Tennessee Valley Authority will change its 19-year old rate structure to more accurately reflect TVA’s higher cost to generate power by passing that growing cost along to its 155 power distributors in seven states. Gone will be the flat rate per kilowatt-hour TVA has billed power distributors for years. TVA says the cost to produce power fluctuates from hour to hour, day to day and month to month. During peak demand times consumers... Read More