Home Builders Associaton

Home Builders Associaton

  1. What causes Ringing in the ears?What is the cause and possible cure for constant ringing in the ears? It seems to be louder in the evening and night. Is it something to be really concerned about or just an agravation ?Possible tinitus?? What are the cures? This is not a wax build up or oil defecincy

  2. Did you put both cookie sheets in the oven at the same time on different racks? How do they bake evenly? I always put only one in at a time and it’s really time consuming.

  3. a reply may take months and I have turned down numerous job opportunities in hopes that something will happen. I am almost 25 so I feel like time is running out too and its extremely frusterating nothing can be done. Cant MEPS do their own evalutation on my arm to find out if it is ok or cant they ask me to go see a doctor to be checked? Because if these records are gone with the wind I dont know what is going to happen.

  4. haha that’s awesome! I’m hoping to start some sort of tradition too. I’m thinking in lieu of gifts we each bring a dish, and all pig out while wearing christmas sweaters

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