1. He likely signed it when he sold it. I like how they say it truly is time for a further enthusiast to enjoy this car. I am really positive that translates to, it truly is time for me to cash in on Shelby’s death. Are unable to really blame him however.

  2. Hi Sam, enjoy Kamers. That piece was a special commission. Lace on a hairband with special crystals, seed beads, etc etc. I can send you a picture if you want to see more detail.Enjoy your weekend too. Janet

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    This is awesome, guys! Thanks for putting it all together on one list.We are busy running the kick-off trainings for school councils all around Czech in these days, looking forward to meeting you soon.

  4. Another beautiful creation. Love both stamps used but the Paper Stampede one is the one I really love. How come I never find anything like this on EBay???

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