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  1. I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  2. You guys are great Betty! The past few days and week have been filled with incredible encouragement. Your own story and successful journey are an inspiration to me and helped lead me to the opportunity at St. Vincent Hospital. The good humor and insights you have shared have been just terrific! Bruce

  3. Hi,Terrific good job Paul. I follow your writing everyday. I guess that you’re day are longer than 24 hours than my country!For the slow loading startup time, it is probably because that the first time that an application is loading, it is compile since the WP7 uses .NET.That was my programming point of you.Can’t wait Nov 8th. It’s been so many months that I’m waiting for this date.Sébastien

  4. Hey Brian.It’s sad that Steve Jobs died, and that he could have prevented it. And Steve took the wrong advice. He had a beautiful vision of the future and it’s a shame that it was cut short.Solemnly sent from my iPad 1.Mike Fusco

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    Oh, on Robert Graves: There is of course a Sousa march for any occasion, so I have just cued up "The Royal Welch Fusiliers."Curiously, they have a relationship with the USMC going back to the Siege of Peking, which is of course why Sousa composed it.

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