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  1. Tip top stuff. I’ll expect more now.

  2. peter / Hi , Igo 使用windows xp下的msyh.ttf 都說 out of memory 原來的 fonts 只有 387K 比 xp內 字型 14M 小多 ..為何 pc 版 IGO 會說 memory 不夠 cache ..版主回應:這就是他難處理的地方了!!

  3. ooooh jealous! sweden! maybe someday…i did spend 10 days in finland when i was in grad school, with a class, studying the work of alvar aalto. it was fantastic, probably one of my favorite things about grad school. i think you will also love helsinki. i cannot come up with any recommendations of places to go though, when i look back at my photos of the trip all i have are 500 pictures of doors (??), so who knows where i went. i tend to find the most random places anyway when traveling, it’s always fun to see where you end up.

  4. Hi Martha, As our newest ambassador, welcome to The Great Electric Drive team! I’m sure you’ll really enjoy your e-driving experience over the next 3 months. Make sure to keep us updated right here on the blog and don’t forget to ask any previous, current or future ambassadors and EV drivers for hints and tips to make the experience even smoother!

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